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Buddy Adams Passes Away June 26, 2014

Buddy Adams of Bowling Green passed from this life in death June 26, 2014. 

He will be greatly missed as one of the best friends chiropractic has ever had in our history.  His skills and hard work have not been equaled.

Buddy was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1975 and was voted outstanding Freshman Legislator by the Capital Press Core.

In 1978 he served as co-chairman of the task force on Worker's Compensation and chairman of the Program Review Committee for the House and Senate.

He continued to serve in the House until 1981.  In 1982, Buddy was appointed by Governor John Y. Brown, Jr. as his executive assistant and legislative liaison. 

In 1983 he was appointed secretary, Cabinet of Human Resources and served in this capacity until the end of the governor's term of office.

In 1984 Dr. Don Woodward, Bowling Green was instrumental in having Buddy meet with several chiropractors to represent them in legislative matters in Frankfort that governed chiropractors. 

He was hired by a group of chiropractors throughout the state known as the Public Relation Committee (PRC), 

His accomplishments include the KRS-304.17.305, 304.18.095 and 304.32.157 to require any policy of health insurance too provide reimbursement for chiropractic services, which is within the lawful scope of chiropractic SB294, KRS 205.560 to require Cabinet for Human Resources to pay for chiropractic services under the Medicaid Assistance Program for services. 

KRS 304.17, 305.18.095 and 304.32.1576/11/06 to require health maintenance organizations (HMO) contracts to provide chiropractic services. 

KRS312:  To expand the power of the Board; permit the Board to establish a Peer Review Committee. 

KRS 159.030 amended to allow chiropractors to sign a statement that the condition of the child prevents child attendance or application to study.

            KRS 304.17A-545:  Amended to read "A Managed Care Plan" shall appoint a medical director that is a physician licensed to practice in this state that any utilization management decisions to deny, reduce or terminate care benefit or deny payment shall be made by a physician, except in the case of a healthcare service rendered by a chiropractor, that decision shall be made by a chiropractor licensed in Kentucky.

            KRS 213.076 a Certificate of Death in the case in which diabetes was one cause or condition of deaths, a physician, dentist, chiropractor or coroner, who certifies the cause of death shall check "yes" on (1) Did the deceased have diabetes and (2) Was diabetes an immediate and underlying cause of death.

            KRS 312.019 Broaden KCBE power to increase fees on licenses.

            KRS 304 substitutes 17A to require all health insurers that offer managed care plans provide enrollers a directory of participating providers (including chiropractors).

            KRS 312 amended to give KBCE certain powers on false advertising, quorums for board meeting, subpoena witnesses, increase fees.

            KRS 156.070 amend to require each local school board of education require an annual medical examination by a physician, chiropractor, physician's assistant or registered nurse practitioner seeking eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics. 

            KRS 45A.605  Create a new section of KRS Chapter 11 to create a "Telehealth Board", reimbursements for "Telehealth" from Medicaid paid to chiropractors and other providers.

            KRS 304.1 7A-171 a health benefit plan that includes chiropractic benefits shall include:

  1. All primary chiropractic providers.
  2. Any willing provider provision.
  3. Direct access to primary chiropractor of choice.
  4. More plans utilizing a gatekeeper system shall designate a chiropractic as the gatekeeper. 
  5. Not discriminate between individual providers or classes of providers in the amount of reimbursement, etc.
  6. Not promote or recommend any individual or class of providers.
  7. Assure that an adequate number of primary care providers are included as "chiropractic providers".
  8. Make available a list of participating primary chiropractic providers to the covered person or group.

KRS 304.17A-005 (19) a basic health benefit plan shall be required to offer health

benefit plans as required including chiropractic coverage.

KRS 304.17A-170 defines health benefit plan as well as other definitions such as

"primary chiropractic provider". 

            KRS 304.17A-230-(7) Preexisting conditions exclusion in group coverage.

            KRS 304.17-220-(7) a portability of insurance coverage from employer to employee. 

            KRS 304.17A-702  Insurer shall reimburse a provider for a clean claim or send a written or electronic notice denying or contesting the claim within 30 days. 

            Over the years the PRC, KAC and KCS have amended, defeated or asked that literally hundreds of bills not be moved out of committees. 

            Buddy's influence with legislators, knowledge of politics, his attendance and ability to function by phone, fax, text-messaging, etc. while the legislature is in session with working knowledge of how various departments of government is run cannot be overstated. 

            PRC members receive information on all bills before the legislature and enact with Buddy.  This team is unequaled in the profession as they "monitor" the legislature while it is in session allowing the doctor to remain in his office.

            Past legislator Ramsey Morris joined Buddy and the PRC in 1996 after his retirement from the Kentucky General Assembly.

            Ramsey was the logical choice for Buddy's replacement and we appreciate Buddy's foresight in bringing Ramsey aboard with his expertise and work he presently does as Buddy's replacement. 

            PRC is sad to say good bye to Buddy but very pleased to have Ramsey at the helm for us in Frankfort. 

            Those who are not a member of PRC should join today!    There are going to be hard battles ahead for chiropractic and our law. 

            Help protect it.  Join in the fight!!


Congratulations to

Dr. Amanda Howell

2013 Kentucky Chiropractic Society 
Doctor of Year

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“As a member of this organization, I will work to advance the public health and my profession. I will work through my organization for the good of the public and my profession and myself, remembering always that truth about chiropractic and the positive action of my profession will achieve success.”